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Kite Viato

Kite Viato

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De Kite Viato-rugzak gebruik de binnenruimte van jouw statief om daar materiaal en gerief in op te slaan. Dit is mogelijk door een uniek ontwerp van Kite Optics zelf. 

De rugzak biedt 15L opslagruimte, genoeg om essentiële zaken tijdens het vogelspotten en/of fotograferen mee te nemen.

In de rugzak is voldoende plaats om efficiënt jouw vogelgids, verrekijker, drinkbus en wat eten in op te bergen. Superhandig voor tijdens wandeling: nooit meer sleuren met rugzak én statief tegelijk. Met de Kite Viato neem je jouw statief en allerlei in één mee op avontuur. 


The Viato backpack uses the inner space of the tripod through an intelligent and unique patented design, offering 15L of storage space, sufficient to hold all your essential gear for a day of nature photography, birdwatching or just hiking.

The bag is easily fixed to any tripod. You may keep the legs retracted during your long walks, or simply keep them extended. Keep your instrument mounted on the tripod, or safely store it. In any way, from the second you slip the bag from your back, you are instantly ready to start shooting or observing! No hassle, no fuss.

The large back panel and straps are padded and feature a ventilated mesh. The bottom of the waterproof Viato bag is also strongly padded, protecting fragile gear such as lenses, cameras and binoculars. But there may be no need to ever put this backpack on the ground. Mounted inside the tripod, it brings you a table-like platform to work on. Magnets will keep the hatches of the backpack open, allowing you to switch lenses, put down a notebook or take a bottle of water without ever having to kneel down or put your gear on wet grass, dusty soil or sand.

The backpack will also act as a weight that will enhance the stability of your tripod. Because of the clever design, the tripod’s central column can be normally used and the leg angles can easily be increased to maximum positions. The bag and its zippers are fully waterproof, on top of that the Viato features a retractable raincover for the instrument mounted on the tripod.

Using the Viato without a tripod? No problem, simply fold in and lock the lower back panel, and you just have a great backpack. But the Viato backpack is that firm and comfortable, you probably won’t even notice you are carying a tripod with camera or scope anyway.

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